rick-davies-rnrIt already seems like an age ago, but our week in Ubud was a pleasant, relaxing experience. Over the years we’ve heard many people talk about Bali and Ubud in particular and we finally got to see it first hand.rick-davies-rnr

As with most tropical countries, the deep greenness of the landscape is captivating. Add to that a very relaxed, polite and friendly culture and it truly is a pleasant place to be. Sure, it gets a bit hot and wet, but it’s tolerable. We were in the “off” season, so didn’t see the traffic the way that it is in the peak, but have been told it can get very congested. The narrow roads and one-way streets (other than for the motor bikes which are allowed to go against the one-way traffic) make it a little more difficult to get around so it is not surprising to see so many “taxis” and their drivers touting for work.

rick-davies-rnr-bloomWe were there not too long after “silent day”. It’s a day that puts “earth hour” to shame (but not for the same ideological reasons). To avoid the evil sprits noticing the place, on a particular day each year the island shuts down. People stay indoors. Power goes off. Bali becomes “uninhabited”. With no-one around, the evil spirits bypass the island and go elsewhere looking to cause mischief with the inhabitants. Whilst tourists are welcome to stay on “silent day”, they too need to stay indoors and with no facilities open, it is not surprising that most seek other places to be around that time!

With those memories of the recent past, it’s now off on new adventures – more news to follow!