rick-davies-opportunityWe have a few of these New Holland honeyeaters around our home at Aldinga. They love the salvia and grevilleas that are dotted through our garden. But they are flighty little things and hard to get near to for a good photograph.

One was in the salvia outside my home office window last week and, hoping that my new camera might be able to overcome the presence of a window and flyscreen, I grabbed the opportunity and took a few shots. Given my inability to get near them in the past, I was reasonably happy with the outcome.

Seeing opportunities when they arise is not always easy. We are frequently too deeply involved in what is going on around us to see the minutiae that can spawn opportunity. Once our eyes are opened to an opportunity, it then means action to make the most of it. Again, time, interest, other commitments can all conspire to rob us of the necessary “freedom” to act.

I know I’ve been told this before, so guess it is not news to anyone else either. We need to be open to opportunities and willing to give ourselves the space and permission to act if we are to make the most of them when they arise. I’m getting my head around that a bit now as I build upon the success of the last 12 months of business as a sole practitioner.

For me it’s a different mindset, but one that I’m gradually feeling a bit more comfortable with.