rick-davies-oneToday is the first anniversary of the commencement of my life as a sole practitioner. Not only has that first year flown by, but it has also been as successful as I could have hoped for. Looking back 12 months, I could not at that time have considered the breadth of work that I would be engaged in, the people I would re-acquaint or the enjoyment that I would have in the period that was to follow.

I thank Tricia for her support throughout; for believing that this could work. I thank those who have helped me along the way in setting up my business, providing advice, referrals and the occasional chat. And I thank my clients, for it is them that sustain me.

I won’t try to name everyone – but I know that pretty much all of those who have helped will read this and you will individually know that you are a part of my past 12 month’s success. I thank you all.

The anniversary candle? The little train it sits in has been around for as long as I can remember. I don’t recall on which of my birthdays it first appeared, but it was certainly when I was very small.  It needs a bit of work to refurbish it – maybe it’s time to allow myself a few days to do that!