I promise this will be the last blogpiece for a while on my most recent topic – Australian manufacturing!

In April last year I joined a new interest group on LinkedIn – the Australian manufacturing forum. I posted a few comments regarding the state of the automotive sector and where it seemed to be heading. Whilst the group was small, it continued to grow to the point where it now has over 600 members.

The group has achieved what appears to be a first: a social media generated major policy submission to a government enquiry. Peter Roberts, the group convenor, posted a piece regarding the release this morning and provided a link to the submission.

If nothing else, it is an interesting observation on the changing nature of communication and the power of social media networking. A diverse group of people collaborating remotely to prepare a submission – it is another indicator of the power of being “connected”.

The growth in importance and the potential uses of social networking is quite remarkable. The Australian Manufacturing Forum’s initiative is just one example of the rapidly expanding social media phenomenon.